Morning cup of Tea

Missy Em



I hope this website can be your “morning cup of tea.” The mug keeping your hands warm as you come to God in the stillness of the sunrise, longing for the fresh start of a new day. When you seek him first thing, rededicate your day to his will, and ask him to fill you up.

I don’t want this website to be what you do your devotionals off of. It’s simply supposed inspire you to hang out with Christ in your own creative and personal way.


Special thanks to Mom- For Teaching Me To Chase My Dreams, to Daddy- for giving me good advice, to Aunty Ash- For Helping Me With All That “Tech-Y Stuff,” And To Grammy Fay- For Giving Me The Name “Missy Em.” I Love You Guys.

Take delight in the LORD.
— Psalm 37:4