Acadia Coons

Our dear friends, the Winslows, breed white retrievers (white-colored golden retrievers.) Every year we celebrate the “Harvest” together, and this year they suggested we try to raise Maine Coon cats. Mom and I quickly pointed out the advantages of this situation to my father, who did not immediately reject the idea. We -Mom Dad and I- have studied up on Maine Coon cats, breeding regulations, and the birthing process. 

This is a big decision and we’d love your prayers. Also, please leave a comment as to what you think the best fur color would be!

Maine Coon trivia:

True or false?

1) Maine Coon Cats like water                                                  

2) Maine Coon Cats are related to raccoons                            

3) Maine Coon Cats can be six-toed                                        

4) Maine Coon Cats are called “the dogs of the cat world"          

5) Maine Coon Cats are sometimes short-haired                     

1)True 2)False 3)True 4)True 5)False

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