For almost two years now my family has gone without sugar. Ok, no. Not completely. Just mostly.

My little brother, Micah, was diagnosed with Lyme back in 2016. After some research Mom thought it would be a good idea for Micah to quit sugars and wheat. Why? Lyme feeds off of the sugar in your body so when the amount of sugar consumed decreases, the negative affects of the Lyme do as well. But why wheat too? Once processed, wheat breaks down into sugar resulting in the same, sad, ending. 

Well, my mother decided that we as a family should support Micah by taking up his new diet alongside him. We are still human and so we left some slack. Sunday is our break day where we enjoy ourselves and don’t stress over what we eat.

Though somedays it’s hard to ignore my strong craving for chocolate, I now enjoy this new way of life and feel healthier. 

Emma Litchfield1 Comment