As you may already know, we are building an addition onto our brook-side cottage. From the outside the house looks big, but on the inside it keeps shrinking. We are all squeezed to our limit. I feel like a prisoner to one of those tiny house TV shows, except it’s turned into a horror movie. We have the minuscule wait of “a few weeks” until we are liberated from this dungeon- an eternity. 

These past few days in our house project we’ve been flooring. And painting.

My hands are splattered with four different colors from the roller and my shirt sleeves look like I tried- and failed-to start a new style trend. The smell of paint hangs in the air masking every other scent and I’m pretty sure I’ve got some unnatural color in my hair. But it will be beautiful. And well worth it. Keep us in your prayers and I’ll keep you updated as to if we make it out alive. ;)

Oh, one last thing! After the addition is… well, added; I’m planning on starting a new page in the website with house decor inspiration and maybe even some DIYs.

Emma LitchfieldComment