Future Goals

I am part of a homeschool co-op this year and my dad is teaching one of the classes. He’s teaching leadership, which, you might have already noticed, is not commonly taught in schools. Like, ever. I think it should be though, because leadership is so important.  My father loves this quote: 

“The question is not will I be a leader, but will I be a good leader.” 

We will all have to lead at some point or another; it’s unavoidable. I believe leadership is a valuable life skill and that it’s even more important to teach to the next generation than, say, geometry proofs or frog dissection. 

In this leadership class my dad talks about how leaders must know the goal before they lead the group toward it. Makes sense, right? Our homework for that week was to come up with goals we wanted to accomplish in five years and goals we wanted to accomplish in ten years.  Here are some of my goals for the future. After reading this, you might want to go make a list of your own goals too!

Goals to accomplish in five years (in no particular order):

1.)  have read through the Bible three or four times

2.)  know what I want my career to be

3.)  not carry any big regrets 

4.)  have shared my testimony over ten times

5.)  be fit and healthy, not just skinny 

6.)  have five really close friends

7.)  be good at saying no

8.)  buy a nice car

9.)  visit England 

10.) love God more than myself 

Emma LitchfieldComment