5 Things to do in March

Up here in Maine some people call March “mud season.” It makes sense; the snow has started to melt, transforming the earth into a giant mudpie. Here are 5 things you need to do this season:

  1. Try a mud mask. Mud masks are natural facial soothers; they are water based and hydrate dry skin. Many stores carry name brand mud mask creams, but these can be expensive so make your own; just look up homemade mud masks on google search.  

  2. Go four wheeling. Whether you’ve never been or you’re a pro, four wheeling is an exciting way to get outside. Most rentals that lease snowmobiles will also have four wheelers—look for one nearest to you!

  3. Take a hike. After a long winter we can get depressed, being outside in God’s beauty is where many of us find hope and peace. Breath in the scent of spring. 

  4. Plant a flower. Even if you kill every plant you touch, this can still be fun. Start your seeds inside. Keep them moist, but not so much that they start to mold. When your seedling is around four inches tall you can transplant it outside, just check the back of the seed packet to make sure it’s not too early to plant. 

  5. Wear rain boots. Make a fashion statement. You don’t have to go all out in traditional yellow… but you can! 

Emma LitchfieldComment