Christmas, birthdays, valentines day, Thanksgiving, Easter- There are so many special Occasions to make decorations and gifts for!


February 2019

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Coming soon


January 2019


Buy a new journal to write down your favorite new memories as they happen and past memories so you don’t forget them. Don’t let the years go by too fast!


Bedroom Makeover

At the start of a new year we turn a new page; out with the old, in with the new. It’s time for a bedroom makeover. Splurge a little and fancy up, but don’t forget this means it’s also time to giveaway your clutter. set aside a day especially for this. Get ready by pouring yourself a glass of water (or tea!) and removing all distractions. Then plow through your trash without stopping until it’s all gone.


December 2018


Christmas cards

Draw, glue together, or stamp Christmas cards. Tie them up with ribbons and give as gifts in sets of a dozen or half dozen.


Paper Snowflakes

Cut out paper snowflakes! They don’t just have to be white, get creative! Hang your art in windows. This can be especially helpful if you have bird feeders, letting birds see that there is glass in between them and the interior of your house.


Get out your bird feeders!